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Blessin's on Blessin's.

This morning I woke up to the tune of "Momma wake up!!!" coming from my toddler downstairs. He was up early with Carson. I immediately began searching my brain for things to do today to find happiness. I was already tired and have a headache I can't seem to kick, so my defense mechanism against an oncoming moment of depression is planning activity. I couldn't think of anything. I mean I could, but I just didn't want to get myself and the boys dressed to do anything. So after I got the boys diapers changed and fed them breakfast I turned on the Youtube playlist with videos from the school theme of the week for Nolan and sat down to stare at my phone. Most of the time phone usage is a waste of time or a pit of laziness that is very difficult to climb out of, but sometimes it's not. I have a book on my phone right now that I'm reading called The Lifegiving Home by Sally and Sarah Clarkson. It's a well of inspiration and energy that I can draw from on my…

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