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My Meemee

Meemee- not Mimi or Meme- she always spelled her name with 2 E's because she was just that "extra". She had extra pink lips, an extraordinary amount of pink clothes, her house had extra nice decorations and she always had extra yummy snacks in the pantry. She gave extra great gifts because she had extra great love for everyone. My sons have been the most recent beneficiaries of so many clothes and toys because of how much she showed them her love.She was always looking for ways to show people how much she loved them by giving away her stuff. If she had $1 in her wallet she would give it to Nolan for ice cream, if we complimented her jewelry she would try to give it to us or buy us one exactly like it, if someone told her that her sweater was pretty she would invite them to her closet to pick something out because she had extra to go around ;) She had such a rough life with so many obstacles to hurdle yet her final years were spent watching her great grandsons run circles …

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