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Bumpdate: week 32

My bumpdate!
Got this version of a pregnancy update from a friend of mine. It's one of the best ones I've done!

How far along: 32 weeks (measuring 33) Due date: Feb 7th. Fun fact- both my boys were born 2 days before their due dates.  Gender: Boy. Our third son! How big is baby? 65%ile measuring a week ahead. A little over 4lbs.  This week, baby: is head down and keeping his eyes open while awake. Exercise: Nonexistent... :/ i have been getting very painful braxton hicks just from doing chores or walking through the grocery store. So not much more than that! Except whatever is involved with keeping these other boys alive ;) What I’m googling: t shirt wording for 3 brothers meeting each other for the first time! Purchases I’ve made/nesting update: we already had most everything. I like to get fresh bottles and pacifiers and a coming home outfit for each new babe. I'm also considering a diaper backpack to free up as many hands as possible now that I'll have 3 to walk across a par…

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