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Jud the Stud is ONE!

Jud was such a difficult baby. He has been since I delivered him. It was so painful that I was reconsidering having any more kids biologically and I said, DEFINITELY not without an epidural again. Then the next few months after his birth I was sure I wasn't going to have more. He was the complete opposite of Nolan in every way. Jud threw all parenting tricks and strategies we had learned right out the window. It took him almost 5 months before he would sleep more than 2 hours at a time- day and night. He never ate well either. It wasn't until he was 8 months old that he would drink up to 4 oz at a time. He just ate and slept until satisfied and was content doing his own thing. Not only that, but he wanted me to hold him the whole time he was awake. He also screams at me throughout the day- little screeches to let me know that I am not pleasing him the right way. He panics if I'm walking around and leave the room or if I sit in another seat besides my rocking chair recline…

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